Ghostbusters Deviations

Who Ya Gonna Call

Who Ya Gonna Call
In a world, where on that fateful day in New York, the Ghostbusters did NOT cross streams, and were thus unable to destroy Gozer or close his portal. Now, 31 days later, NYC has descended into chaos and ruin, ruled with the deliciously soft fist of… THE STAY-PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN!
Read: 3/2016
Publisher: IDW
Release: 3/16/2016
My Thoughts:
I don’t really care about the Ghostbusters, but I picked this up because Kelly Thompson wrote it. And it’s HILARIOUS! I totally loved it. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and his “slightly sentient poops” had me cracking up. Not all the Deviations series are worth it, but this one is fantastic.

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